The Palm Room


The Palm Room is a small, independent plant shop, located on historic Ballard Avenue for over 10 years. Tucked away in a storefront not much bigger than a studio apartment, local plant lovers know that stopping by the Palm Room is a must when visiting the weekly Ballard Farmer’s Market. They also know that there’s a chance the shop will be closed when they try to visit. After years of resisting, the owner agreed that a new website could be a significant aide to the business.

Creative Services:

Website Design


– Inform customers of the correct business hours and contact information, which were incorrectly listed on other websites and change frequently.

– Collect user email addresses to communicate important store information and drive sales when business is slow.

– Display photos of the unique merchandising displays which are constantly changing and bring in a lot of foot traffic.

– Create a database of plant care instructions – to make them easily accessible to customers and potentially for SEO purposes.

– Encourage users to engage with the shop on social media.

– Employ an extremely clean, simple design using the original logo.

The Palm Room’s existing website. Started as more of a personal blog, the categories were disorganized and it was difficult to find what you were looking for.

The initial sketch that would become the final design. Translated to a low fidelity digital wireframe.

A style tile, indicating the approved, final selection of colors and typefaces, giving an initial feel for the finished site.

An updated wireframe including the selected fonts and copy that will be used in the finished website.

The final design for The Palm Room’s website.